Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Despite dedicating many years of my life and long hours away from my family for Intel, I, along with many others, will soon be forced to uproot our families and move to an IT 'Core' site in order to have a few 'aha' hallway conversations with co-workers if we wish to keep our jobs.

The oracles of wisdom responsible for the most recent knee-jerk organizational change have spun together another well-worn set of business justifications and have yet-again mastered a great depression of IT morale.

As I assume that I am not the only one who considers Intel IT management to be a deceitful group of incompetent monkeys, I propose we use this site to brainstorm and accumulate BKM's for making the forced attrition process as difficult as possible for Staff.

By all means, we will be far more effective as a group if we anonymously collaborate and share bkm's with one another on dealing with their policies.

Firing people at intel is a slow and painful process. They would clearly rather we leave than fire us. Any ideas on how we can keep our paychecks as long as possible? Perhaps we can tell them we are moving but then delay indefinitely? Any MLOA insights that might be used?

All comments will be welcomed on this plog. Post away!